NMG Group

“ We were able to migrate from our previous provider to becoming productive on Pluto LMS in short order. Now the platform is helping us standardize and streamline training across entities and locations.”

- Malathy Kamalakaran, Assistant Human Capital Manager

NMG Group
Financial Services

The NMG Group is a global advisory and intermediary firm focused exclusively on the financial services sector. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has enjoyed rapid expansion and today the NMG Group contains three entities (NMG Consulting, NMG Benefits, and NMG Botswana) with employees in multiple international locations. The NMG group services financial institutions and employers across the globe and their commitment to the eventual customers and beneficiaries of these financial products have enabled them to remain at the cutting edge of industry developments.


With over 800 employees spanning 18 international locations, NMG is using Pluto LMS to ensure an organized, responsive, and trackable learning experience for employees across different entities, locations, and roles. The group is using centralized content management and reporting to synchronize knowledge and data across the three entities while employing the platform’s user segmentation capabilities to provide employees with access to the right content at the right time.  


NMG had to find a replacement LMS that ensures compliance training efficiency and supports the seamless management of diverse employee segments within their three entities.


Pluto LMS has the robust features that allow NMG to streamline training creation, administration, and reporting while effectively organizing employees’ access to content across the three entities. 


 Within their first year of using Pluto LMS, NMG have successfully created and administered a range of targeted trainings and have been effectively tracking employee progress and compliance. 

The Problem

When the company’s previous LMS was discontinued, NMG was faced with the task of selecting a new platform that would be robust enough to meet the dynamic needs of their multi-national group of businesses.

With an employee base spanning the globe, the NMG Group required a centralized LMS solution that would enable them to standardize content and ensure compliance within the highly regulated financial landscape. At the same time, they needed a platform that was flexible enough to allow each of the three entities to meet their unique training needs. 


The Solution

After a rigorous evaluate-and-compare process, NMG decided to move ahead with Pluto LMS as their new learning technology provider. The platform’s combination of native content authoring tools and user management capabilities was a powerful solution to the group’s need to maintain centralized control over compliance content while allowing each individual entity to create and administer a training experience that meets the unique needs of their employees.

Content Management

Native content authoring and course management tools allow NMG to effectively create, structure, and distribute trainings at both group and individual business levels. 

User Management

Powerful user management capabilities enable NMG to segment employees from the different businesses in order to tailor training to their unique needs.


Robust course and site level reporting functionality enables NMG to track employee progress and ensure compliance with industry regulations. 

The Results

Upon signing up with Pluto LMS, NMG embarked on a strategic 3-month pilot phase to introduce a preliminary set of trainings aiming to assess the platform’s capabilities and suitability for their diverse global entities. This initial rollout proved highly successful, enabling them to smoothly onboard a significant portion of their employee base.

Since then, they have created an array of trainings, tailored to their unique needs and they are leveraging the platform’s reporting capabilities to meticulously track and manage employee progress and compliance. This impressive progress is particularly noteworthy as it is achieved well within the first year of the group’s Pluto LMS subscription, signifying a promising future for NMG’s training initiatives on their new LMS. 

The Future

Looking ahead, NMG is committed to refining and expanding their training offerings in order to empower a learning culture within the group. Moreover, the company envisions utilizing the platform not only for ongoing training but also for enhancing their onboarding process for new hires and perhaps even for administering assessments during the recruitment process.