Pepkor Speciality

“ Pluto Insights is helping our team measure the full impact of our internal training across multiple companies. We can easily extract and visualise the data we need to meet our internal KPIs and share meaningful dashboards with our stakeholders. ”

- Kyle Kingston, Training & Development Practitioner

Pepkor Speciality

Pepkor Speciality is a retail company committed to preserving specialism in the industry. The company brings together a collection of speciality brands including Dunns, Shoe City, Refinery, Tekkie Town, SPCC, and CODE, to create economies of scale in the supply chain, IT, and financial systems. This enables them to offer exclusive products at inclusive prices, ensuring customers can enjoy the benefits of expertise without excessive costs.


With over 900 stores across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland, Pepkor Speciality continues to expand its footprint, welcoming more speciality brands as they go. The learning and development team is using Pluto LMS to equip their expanding workforce through a strategic approach to onboarding and training their 1400+ members online.


In pursuit of organizational excellence, Pepkor Speciality needed a new LMS to streamline training management and drive employee growth across various locations.


The comprehensive learning solution provided by Pluto LMS enables the company to efficiently create, manage, and track impactful training.


Pepkor Speciality is enhancing organizational performance through streamlined training, a positive learning culture, and continuous improvement. 

The Problem

The dynamic learning and development team at Pepkor Speciality are committed to driving business goals through effective training strategies that focus on the growth and development of their employees. Recognizing the potential of their human capital, the company sought to invest in a future-focused approach that would allow them to facilitate the continuous learning required to ensure employee excellence.

At the core of this approach was a new learning management system to centralize and standardize training across their various locations, power more engaging learning experiences, and facilitate continued improvement through data-driven decisions.


The Solution

After a thorough vendor evaluation process, Pluto LMS emerged as the most fitting solution to Pepkor Speciality’s learning and development needs. The platform’s extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and robust reporting capabilities convinced Pepkor Speciality that this was the comprehensive solution they needed to empower their employees and drive business growth effectively. 

Administrative Toolkit

Powerful site wide administrative capabilities enables Pepkor Speciality to manage training from a central location, ensuring a cohesive and unified learning experiences throughout the company

Course Management

Native content authoring and course management tools allow Pepkor Speciality to effectively structure, distribute, and track engaging trainings that foster a learning culture


Robust course and site level reporting functionality provides Pepkor Speciality with the valuable insights they need to drive decisions that advance employee and organizational growth

The Results

By implementing Pluto LMS as a centralized training management solution, Pepkor Speciality were able to streamline the learning process in order to provide consistent and standardized training content across all locations. As a result, new hires experience a smoother onboarding process, leading to increased productivity and reduced time to proficiency.


Through personalized and engaging training modules that align with their employees’ roles and career progression, the company is fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development. Moreover, through increasingly comprehensive reporting and analytics Pluto LMS provides access to valuable insights that enables Pepkor Speciality to continuously optimize the impact of their training initiatives on employee performance and overall business goals.

The Future

" We want to use Pluto LMS to give our entire staff access to relevant training and sustainable career growth that drives business goals. "

- Natalie Pienaar, Training & Development Manager

The learning and development team at Pepkor Speciality aims to help the company remain at the forefront of the ever-changing retail landscape by driving sustainable employee growth. By leveraging Pluto LMS, they will continue to refine their strategy and create more programmes that align with the company’s business goals.