Pluto LMS offers multi tenancy. You can offer courses under different themes to different user tenants all on one site.

Create User Tenants

Create tenants within your site to offer more personalized experiences. All user information is conveniently split to offer easier course management.

Edit Your Tenant Themes

You’ll be able to edit multiple site themes. Upload different site logos, color schemes and branding. You’ll then be able to show different user tenants personalised themes. 

  • Create one course for multiple organisations under different branding.
  • Offer a more personalised experience to your end users.
  • Save time and money in development 

Automate Tenant Assignment

Have users automatically assigned to site tenants based on their profile information to save you time.

Course Enrolment Made Easy

Have users automatically enrolled into courses based on their tenant assignment.

Create Revenue Streams

Add tenants and resell your LMS functionality. Offer organisations their branding of your LMS to create additional income.

See how multi tenancy can work for you