Every tool you need to create and manage interactive online courses


Create or instantly upload your existing content using simple drag and drop tools. 

Content Types: 

Post Video / Images

Upload files

Post Links

Create Pages

Upload E-Books

Time your students, provide instant feedback and save 100s of hours with automation. 

Quiz types:

Multiple choice



Drag and drop into text

Drag and drop into images

Create assignments so that you can capture all student submissions seamlessly in one place. 

Assignment features:

Word submission

File submission 

Set due dates

Provide templates

Mark and grade online

Online communication has never been easier. Keep your students engaged with online interaction. 

What you can do:

Create Forums and Q&As

Host Site News and Blogs

Enable Feedback and Surveys

Email Notifications

User Management

Each user on your LMS will get their own secure profile. 

Profiles keep your users’: 


Name and email address

Location and time settings

Optional additional fields

Users can seamlessly be created in a number of ways. 

User creation methods: 

LMS Signup Page 

Manual User Creation 

Bulk Upload via Excel


Single Sign On 


You can allow for various enrolment types into your courses. 




Access Code

Payment automation 



Pluto LMS has a number of tools you can use to protect your user privacy. 


Upload your own Privacy Policy

Host your site in any continent 

Manage and remove user information from your system.

Course Management

You can create unlimited courses on Pluto LMS. 

Course Features: 

Create course categories 

Set course dates

Define topics / modules

Add cover images 

Seamlessly manage your users within courses. 


User groups

Personalized learning paths

Activity restriction based on user interaction

Define enrolment methods

User gradebook

Your Branding

Your site will be white-labelled as your own so that students will see your organisation brand. 

Make it yours: 

Your logo

Your colour scheme

Your font

Your LMS site will be hosted under a domain of your choice: 





You get your own front-page website so that site visitors can see your courses and enroll. 

Front-Page features:

Cover image

Marketing blocks

Course display

Allow users to access your LMS through your own branded Mobile App. 

App features:

Includes all features

Your logo as icon

iOS and Android Compatible


Get site wide reports on your central dashboard.  

Site Wide Reports:

Site analytics

Users logging in

Live reporting 

See all site logs

Track user devices

User countries

Export to spreadsheets

Easily track users’ progression through your online courses.  

Course reports: 

User progress

Course gradebooks

Track user activity (Including hours)

See outstanding assessments

Allow your system to intelligently read and process information to give you measurable outcomes. 

ML Features:

Track user course dedication

Automate user re-engagement

Know when a student is at the risk of dropping out


Make your system more engaging with leaderboards. 


Student rankings

Healthy competition

Allow students to earn points as they participate in your course. 


Define rules

Set levels

Automate progress

Students can earn badges based on conditions you set. 


Earn badge for earning 80% in a quiz

Get badge for updating user profile information

Get badge for earning 3 other badges

Course Certificates

Upload, create and customize your course certificates on Pluto LMS. 


Build certificates online 

Upload images

Dynamic text based on user profile information

Create reusable templates


Automate issuing of certificates on Pluto LMS. 


Set conditions for reward

Automate when student receives certificate 

Certificates linked to student profile

Content Builder

We’ve seamlessly integrated H5P to help you create more beautiful online content. 


Interactive Video

Course Presentations

Memory Games

Audio Recordings


and more…

You can create dynamic interactive content for free within Pluto LMS. 

Fully native

No additional fees 

Stored on your LMS



SCORM Integration

Pluto LMS is SCORM 1.2 compliant which allows you to integrate external content from 3rd party authoring tools.

Embed into LMS interface 

Pull responses

Sync with course gradebook

Export information to Excel

Auto Translate Platform

Pluto LMS will allow your users to translate the LMS interface into their preferred language.

Interface translation 

Over 100 available languages

Individual preferences

Examples of available language packs: 







And more….

Payment Integration

Pluto LMS does not take any commission from course sales.

You keep 100% of your revenue

Set your currency

Set course prices 

Set enrolment lengths 

Automate user enrolment 


Gateways allow for local or international transactions and automated enrolment with Pluto LMS.   


PayPal (International)

Stripe (International)

PayFast (South Africa only)

Please note that these 3rd party gateways may charge a small percentage fee of your transactions. 

Video Call Integration

Pluto LMS allows you to seamlessly setup video call meeting from your LMS.

Setup time

Post as course activity

Only share with course participants

You can use any 3rd party video call software and share meeting links with your students.

Popular tools:

Zoom (Native)

Microsoft Teams (Native)

WebEx (Native)

Google Meets (Link)

LessonSpace (Link)

GoToMeeting (Link)

You can also insert any link from any other preferred video call vendor into Pluto LMS. 

Conditional Activity Access

With Pluto LMS, you can restrict certain activities based on user interactions. 

Restriction Types: 

Require students to complete activity before proceeding

Prevent access until (or from) a specified date and time.

Require students to achieve a specified grade.

Allow only students who belong to a specified group.

These restrictions can also be nested to apply complex logic.

Zapier Automation

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Pluto LMS with 2,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers: 

Some popular apps: 




Google Sheets

and more…

With Zapier and Pluto LMS, you can perform 2 way transactions in the form of Triggers, Actions and Searches. 


When New User is added to Pluto LMS, add to MailChimp Campaign. 

When New Course is Created in Pluto LMS, create Google Sheet row.

Click here to learn more.

On Site Messages

Easily allow in-app messages between students and your instructors to increase productivity. 


Contact book

Direct messaging 

Bulk messaging 

User Tours

Create interactive guided tours when new users enter your LMS.  


Highlight buttons 

Limit to particular roles

Create click tour of your interface

Single Sign On

We have built in 3rd party Single Sign On (SSO) to help you seamlessly connect external user profiles with Pluto LMS. 





Additional Security

If you require additional security for your LMS, we’ve got you covered with the latest technologies. 


IP Blocker


2-Factor Authentication

Failed Login Notifications

TinCan / xAPI

TinCan / xAPI makes it possible to collect data from a wide range of experiences a student has on your LMS. 


User interactions

Detailed logs



You can create user cohorts to group users within your site to offer more personalized experiences. 


Automate cohort assignment based on user profile

Information is conveniently split

Custom cohort names 

Pull information from external database

Offer each user cohort a uniquely branded theme all on one site. 


 You’ll be able to edit multiple site themes.

Upload different site logos, color schemes and branding.

Assign different user cohorts personalised themes.


Integrate popular 3rd party plagiarism tools with your Pluto LMS instance.  


Capture assignment submissions with ease 

Identify unoriginal content with the world’s best plagiarism tools

API Access

If you want to take your LMS to the next level with API integrations, we’ve got tools to help you. 


GET functions to pull information

POST functions to enter information

SEARCH functions to look for information


You can pull/get information from your LMS with the Pluto LMS API. 


Get details from New Course Enrollment 

Get details of New User

Get details of New Course that is created

Get details of New Group created

Get details of New Cohort created

and more…

You can post information to your LMS to automation actions. 


Create New User

Enroll User Into Course

Assign System Role to User

Create Group in your course

Add User to Group

Send Message to a specified user

Create Site Cohort

Add User to Cohort

Create Site Category

and more…

You can search for information on your LMS to use in actions or triggers. 


Find Course

Find User

Find Cohort


and more…

Hosted anywhere

Have your LMS hosted in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa or the Americas

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