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Content Authoring

Native Tools

SCORM Integration

H5P Integration

External Repositories

Course Management

User Enrollments

Custom Learning Paths

User Assessments

Social Learning

Enterprise Reporting

Real Time Progress Tracking

Machine Learning Insights

Offline Reporting

Data Visualization

Event Monitoring

Additional Security

User Management




Multiple Languages

Competency Frameworks

Site Calendar



White Labelling


Native Video Conferencing

Native E-Commerce

Create Workflows with Zapier

CRM Integrations

+400 applications

Marketing Automation

+500 applications

Native API Access

Native Single Sign On (SSO)

We have built in 3rd party Single Sign On (SSO) to help you seamlessly connect external user profiles with Pluto LMS. 

Google  Microsoft  Facebook  Custom OAuth2

Multi Tenancy

You can create user cohorts (branches) to group users within your site to offer more personalized experiences. 


Automate tenant assignment based on user profile

Information is conveniently split

Custom tenant names 

Pull information from external database

Offer each user cohort a uniquely branded theme all on one site. 


 You’ll be able to edit multiple site themes.

Upload different site logos, color schemes and branding.

Assign different user cohorts (branches) personalised themes.

Hosted anywhere

Get a shared or dedicated server instance in the following locations: Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa or the Americas

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