Create and manage quality training in one central place

Tailored for corporate training

Whether you're using Pluto LMS for internal training, external training or both, our features are built to increase learner completion.

Increase learner completion

Enable deep learning

Learn from over 100M+ datapoints to understand how learners interact with your LMS. 

Understand insights

Allow your Machine Learning models to offer you valuable insight into your learners’ training. 

Report on progress

See how your learners are doing with site wide and course specific reports.  

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Engage your learners

Build online communities

Promote user interaction with built in social learning tools.

Gamify the learning experience

Reward learners with points, issue badges and create course leaderboards.

Offer certification

Reward your learners for completing courses on your LMS. 

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Seamlessly manage clients

Easily bulk upload users

Bulk upload, connect Single Sign On (SSO) or manually add your clients onto your LMS.

Host multiple brands

Create a multi-tenant site with user branches and offer custom client themes.

Segment your client data

Host multiple companies on one LMS and split your reports.

Setup learning paths

Map out and personalize your client’s journey. Create custom user experiences and automate learning paths. 

Learn how Pluto LMS can help train your clients

Create engaging content

Embed Video

Upload or embed video into your courses and track your learner views. 

Interactive assessments

Embed pop up quizzes into your videos to test your learners knowledge.

Play Video

Build AI content

Build beautiful video presentations with Synthesia and natively embed them into Pluto LMS. 

Integrate SCORM

You’ll be able to upload your SCORM packages and natively display your content within your LMS.

Integrate H5P

H5P is our fully native free SCORM alternative. With over 40 content types, you’ll be able to share interactive content with your students. 

Add content from our library

Choose from over 300 ready-made videos that you can embed into your LMS. 

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Integrate your existing tech stack

Connect video conferencing

Create calls without leaving your LMS. Setup live meetings with your students for webinars and more.

Integrate anything with Zapier

Automate your workflows and connect Pluto LMS to 3rd party apps.

Connect your CRM and HR tools

Sync your employee, customer and student information with your LMS.

API Access

Connect to our native API and build anything you can imagine.

External Repositories

Single Sign On (SSO)

Sync user login credentials with external applications.


LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) allows you to connect external systems within your courses such as labs and other external content.

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