Every tool you need to create interactive online courses


Build online courses and upload your existing material with easy to use drag and drop tools.


Manage course enrollments, user profiles, grading and lots more.


Issue course completion certificates, automate processes and enjoy seamless workflows.

3rd Party Integration

Connect online payment gateways, Google, Microsoft and lots more.

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Build your front page

Capture your audience with your own branded LMS


  • Upload Files
  • Upload / Share Videos
  • Post Links
  • Create Pages
  • Organise Folders


  • Create Quizzes
  • Post Assignments
  • Create / Upload E-Books
  • Create Interactive Lessons
  • Host Online Workshops

Create amazing content

Beautifully designed for your end-users. Drag and drop resources to get started quickly.

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  • Create Forums / Q&As
  • Host Site News / Blogs
  • Enable Feedback / Surveys
  • Allow Messaging
  • Host live webinars


  • Create and manage users
  • Create and categorize courses
  • GDPR Compliant Features
  • Automate User Re-engagement
  • Multitenant Site (New)

Seamlessly Connect to 3rd Party Services


  • Course Gradebooks 
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • Track User Activity
  • Track User Course Dedication
  • Site Analytics 
  • Export to Excel
  • Machine Learning
  • Scheduled Reporting 


  • Your own domain and branding
  • Multiple device sign-on
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Manage private files
  • Software Calendar
  • Award badges on system
  • Bad Word Filtering
  • Branded Mobile App​
  • Course Auto Translate
  • Create user tours (New)

Understand your data

Pull. Measure. Learn. Understand everything about your users.


Connect to 3rd party applications, external databases, Single Sign On and more.


Offer courses under different themes to different user cohorts all on one site.

Hosted anywhere

Have your LMS hosted in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa or the Americas

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