Mobile ready with every tool you need to create and manage interactive online training

Content Authoring

Build content

Create native and beautiful content inside of your LMS without the need for purchasing any external licenses. 

Offer assessments

Test your students, monitor their progress and keep everything in one place. 

Webcam Proctoring

Force students to turn on their webcam when completing your assessments. 

Integrate SCORM

You’ll be able to upload your SCORM packages and natively display your content within your LMS.

Integrate H5P

H5P is our fully native free SCORM alternative. With over 40 content types, you’ll be able to share interactive content with your students. 

Course Management

Create courses

Create unlimited courses and manage categories all in one place. 

Setup learning paths

Map out and personalize your student’s journey. Create custom user experiences and automate learning paths. 

Enable user enrollments

Easily setup how students can access your courses with various enrollment methods.

Social Learning

Promote user interaction with built in social learning tools.


Track users in real time

Monitor student progress, see which activities has been completed and export reports.

Machine Learning reports

Get intelligent insights into your LMS with automated machine learning reports at scale.

AI Assist

Your “Actual Intelligent” assistant will help identify key problem areas on your LMS to help you fix them.

360 overview dashboard

Get all the side-wide reports you need on one page. 

Custom enterprise reporting

If you’re not finding what you need by default, Pluto LMS will create custom reports to fill those gaps.

Event monitoring

Track key events on your LMS with email notifications. 

Additional security

Add an extra layer of security to your LMS.

User Management

Create and add users

You can add team members and students to your platform in multiple ways:

Secure user profiles

Every user on your LMS will have their own secured authenticated profile.

Create user navigation tours

You can create unique click tours to help your end-users get familiar with your LMS interface. 

Multiple languages

Each user can set their own LMS interface language to assist with easier navigation.


Create a multi-tenant site with user branches. Setup multiple site branches for easier system management. 

Site calendar

All events get automatically added to your LMS calendar.


Keep your students engaged with LMS gamification. 


Reward your students for completing courses on your LMS.

White Labelling

Your own logo and theme

Completely white-label your LMS site to your own branding.


Connect video conferencing

Create calls without leaving your LMS. Setup live meetings with your students for webinars and more.

Sell courses via E-Commerce

Connect your preferred payment gateways to your LMS and begin selling your courses.

Integrate anything with Zapier

Automate your workflows and connect Pluto LMS to 3000+ 3rd party apps.

Connect your CRM and HR tools

Sync your employee, customer and student information with your LMS.

Marketing with automation

Connect your favorite social media and marketing applications to your LMS.

API Access

Connect to our native API and build anything you can imagine.

External Repositories

Single Sign On (SSO)

Sync user login credentials with external applications.


LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) allows you to connect external systems within your courses such as labs and other external content.

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