Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

Connect your LMS to 2000+ apps and automate workflows


New Course
Trigger automation when a new course is created.

New User
Trigger automation when new user is created.

New Course Enrollment
Trigger automation when a new user is enrolled into course.

New Cohort Created
Trigger automation when a new cohort is created.

New Course Group Created
Trigger automation when a new group is created. 

Add New User
When automation occurs, create a new user on your LMS.

Enroll User Into Course
When automation occurs, enroll user into a course.

Assign User to Cohort
When automation occurs, assign user to a cohort. 

Create Category
When automation occurs, create a new site category. 

Create Course Group
When automation occurs, create course group.

Add User to Course Group
When automation occurs, add user to course group. 

Send In-App Message
When automation occurs, send in-app message to user.

Create Site Cohort
When automation occurs, create cohort.

Assign Role to User
When automation occurs, assign role to user.

Add New Calendar Event
When automation occurs, add new calendar event. (Coming Soon)

Search Course
Search for course on your LMS.

Search User
Search for user on your LMS. 

Search Cohort
Search for cohort on your LMS. 

Example Automations

When New User is added to Pluto LMS...

Add to MailChimp →

Add to Freshsales→

Add to ActiveCampaign →

Add to Pipedrive →

When New Course is Created in Pluto LMS...

Add Trello Card →

Add to →

Add Google Sheet Row →

Add to Airtable →

When New Course Enrollment occurs in Pluto LMS...

Add to HubSpot Deal →

Create Wave Invoice →

Add to Drip Email Campaign →

Create Xero Invoice →

Add New User in Pluto LMS when...

Google Form Submitted →

TypeForm Submitted →

WordPress User Added →

Microsoft Account Created →

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