The easiest way to set your people apart in an industry that doesn't rest

Pluto LMS empowers retail companies to remain dynamic through a focused feature set and modern design that make employee training easy, engaging, and effective

Industry leaders trust Pluto LMS to

Standardize training across multiple locations

Ensure a consistent and standardized training experience across all locations and foster excellence at every store

Accelerate productivity with streamlined onboarding

Minimize the impact of turnover with a streamlined onboarding process that ensures the success of new hires

Create a culture of continuous improvement

Perpetuate excellence through sustainable employee growth that aligns with business goalsĀ 

Pluto LMS is helping our team measure the full impact of our internal training across multiple companies. We can easily extract and visualise the data we need to meet our internal KPIs and share meaningful dashboards with our stakeholders.
- Kyle Kingston, Training & Development Practitioner

Key features for the retail industry

Create and update content on demand

Seamlessly create and manage content that aligns with the ever-changing demands of the retail industry, ensuring your employees are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to excel

Power exceptional customer experiences

Easily structure, distribute, and track targeted learning journeys to equip your employees with the deep product knowledge and customer service skills they need to excelĀ 

Align a diverse team to your company goals

Confidently onboard and manage a diverse workforce with a systematic approach to user management that allows you to give employees access to the right information at the right time

Drive excellence with decisions backed by data

Gain a holistic understanding of employee development with comprehensive reporting capabilities that empower strategic decisions to drive continuous improvementĀ 

Drive success across the board

Pluto LMS seamlessly scales to empower a well-informed, skilled, and cohesive workforce capable of driving success at every level of your organization

A central solution to unify the enterprise

Foster cohesion, ensure compliance, and enhance performance across all subsidiary companies with a central LMS that can easily share content to and extract data from each individual company

The flexibility for companies to function independently

Empower individual companies to deploy targeted training strategies with an independent LMS that allows for instantaneous and precise content and user actionsĀ 

User-friendly and relevant learning across locations

Streamline and optimize training across geographic locations with the ability to deploy tailored learning journeys based on employee characteristics like department, role, or storeĀ