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All plans come with:



billed yearly or
$79/m billed monthly

All Features +



billed yearly or
$189/m billed monthly

All Starter Features +



billed yearly or
$379/m billed monthly

All Launch Features +



billed yearly or
$569/m billed monthly

All Plus Features +



billed yearly or
$759/m billed monthly

All Grow Features +


From $792/m billed yearly

or $989/m billed monthly

Optional Add-Ons

Get tailored help with getting started with your online training. Email for more information. 

For any plan:

If you require help with moving your existing content over to Pluto LMS from another provider, email

For any plan:

If you require professional input and design for your online content and/or curriculum, email for a quote.

For any plan:

If you upload content yourself onto Pluto LMS – this is free of charge. However there may be times when you need an extra hand. Depending on the scope of work required, we can offer hourly input to action tasks on your behalf.


  • Do it yourself: Free
  • 1 hour: $70/h
  • 10 hours: $63/h (save 10%)
  • 20 hours: $56/h (save 20%)

Note: We do provide free unlimited support on how to use our platform. We also have an extensive Support Centre to show you how to perform actions step-by-step.

For any plan:

Use the free Pluto LMS mobile app or get your own branded iOS and Android mobile applications on the respective app stores. 

  • $1299 once-off setup
  • $1199 yearly maintenance 

We offer 3 free tenant (branch) themes. You can add additional themes for $99/theme/m.

Offer for Enterprise Plan only:

Standard: 32GB RAM / 8 Core Processor / 1000GB Storage (+ $0/m)

Option 1: 48GB RAM / 12 Core Processor / 1000GB Storage (+ $85/m)

Option 2: 64GB RAM / 16 Core Processor / 1280GB Storage (+ $295/m)

Option 3: 96GB RAM / 20 Core Processor / 1920 GB Storage (+ $555/m)

Option 4: 128GB RAM / 24 Core Processor / 2560 GB Storage (+ $715/m)

Option 5: 192GB RAM / 32 Core Processor / 3480 GB Storage (+ $1035/m)

Approximately 50 concurrent (same time) user logins requires 1 GB RAM. Users logging at different times will not require server upgrades.

The above pricing is based on the default Digital Ocean servers and is subject to change if they update their offerings. If you require AWS or Google Cloud hosting, pricing will differ (email for a quote). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Up

No. Setup is free of charge. 

  1. Credit Card (Default recurring monthly payment method via 2Checkout)
  2. ACH (If requested and available in your country via GoCardless)
  3. EFT (Only on annual subscriptions) 

Yes, click here to get started with your 14 day free trial.

Yes, click here to schedule a time that suits you.

Yes, email to find out more.

Yes, our standard monthly plans allow you to cancel your subscription at anytime. Annual plans need to been seen through. 


All Pluto LMS Features (see here) are included in all plans. The above plans show additional features offered.

No, hosting is included in our services. There is also no need for a technical team to run your site – we take care of that so that you can focus on training and your business. 

Yes, we provide 1 hour free live training upfront. This is an interactive session and the recording will be shared with you for your record. Thereafter, we provided unlimited email support on how to use your LMS should you have further questions. You can also access our Support Centre here to learn more about how to use Pluto LMS.  

If you require a custom onboarding plan, please email

Yes, we provide unlimited free email support on how to use your LMS. We’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Phone call support can be arranged on our Enterprise plan.

If the feature request is not provided “out-the-box” on our existing feature list, we will gladly review the request and place it on our feature development road map (based on popular demand) which would benefit a number of Clients with improved service offerings. 

We unfortunately do not provide custom code development projects for individual Clients, as this is not part of our software service offering. 

You can view our policies here. If you signup with Pluto LMS, you accept these terms. 

Yes, we offer tailored Service Level Agreements (SLA) on our Enterprise plan. If you require additional support and service demands, this can be agreed in a custom SLA. Please note that abnormal service or feature demands may alter the pricing. 

We provide the 3rd party integration, but 3rd party service fees are not included. For example, if you wish to subscribe to Zoom as a 3rd party provider, their fees are not included in ours. Zoom will bill you separately for their services. 

Support for setting up your 3rd party / LMS integration is provided by Pluto and we will ensure that you are setup correctly.

Please kindly note that should you experience issues within the 3rd party software itself (eg: Microsoft Azure Portal), please kindly contact the 3rd party software support team.

Your Learning Management System provides you with all the tools you need in order to create and upload content yourself (free of charge).

Should you require content development and uploading, we have partners that can assist you. Email and we’ll be happy to assist.


No, we do not take a cut from your course sales. You keep 100% of your revenue. Please note that 3rd party integrated merchants such as Stripe, PayPal or PayFast may apply small transaction fees. Their websites will have more information of fees. 

A user is any account on your LMS which includes site managers, course instructors and members (students). Pluto LMS support staff are not counted against your user count.

A “User” is defined as the total amount of users on your site with a profile (i.e registered). This is not active users, but rather users who have information stored on the system (such as course enrolments, progress and other useful learning data). Email if you require an active user plan.

Yes, you can access the LMS through any device through a web browser and it is mobile friendly. We also have a native mobile application on the Android and iOS stores.

Yes, we do support SCORM 1.2. We are also able to sync your SCORM results with our LMS. 

Yes, we do followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) available here.


We have a very lightweight LMS so requiring more than our standard storage offering is very unlikely unless you are uploading an excessive amount of large video files.

Option 1 (Recommended): We highly recommend hosting your video content on the likes of YouTube or Vimeo to save on storage space. Vimeo offers extensive privacy options to protect your video content so that it’s only viewable through Pluto LMS. 

Option 2: We have add-on options to upgrade your server. Currently our largest server size is 3480GB. 

Option 3: Use AWS S3 Buckets to host external content (Service not provided by Pluto LMS).

Feel free to checkout our security page for more information.

We have never reported less than 99% as we rely on premium 3rd party server providers. Learn more about our uptime here.

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