Referral Program

Referral Program

Earn commission for referring Clients to Pluto LMS

Simply refer Clients to us and get rewarded. We’ll take care of the entire sales cycle.

Commission Structure

For each successful referral, you will get the following:

Frequently asked questions

Please do! You will then earn 10% commission for multiple referrals. This is a win-win. 

No, simply connect us to the Client and we’ll begin the sales cycle with them. 

No, we will be assisting them with how to use Pluto LMS. The only thing you need to do is put them in contact with us. 

You can refer any business or friend not already registered with Pluto LMS.

Your commission is calculated over the first 12 months, so whether your referral upgrades or downgrades, you will get 10% of their subscription value. The total will be calculated to incorporate upgrades and downgrades. 

If your referral cancels their subscription before 12 months, your commission is calculated based on how many months they were subscribed.

Example: Referral has a 6 month subscription, then cancels. Your commission will be the total subscription value over 6 months x 10%. 

No, your commission will be calculated on the subscription value less tax. 

Example: Subscription Value + Tax = R10,000.00 + R1,500.00 VAT 

Then the commission will be R10,000.00 x 10% = R1,000.00

Yes, if you referral signs up for an annual plan. As your referral will pay us for 12 months upfront, we will then have the cash to reward you.

If your referral is on a month to month plan, then you will get your commission every 6 months so that the commission can be calculated retrospectively. 

Yes, if you have a Pluto LMS subscription, your referral reward will just be added as credit to your account. This will then discount your current subscription. 

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