Return On Investment

How much money can you make from selling online courses?


Sample Scenario

Organisation X began a subscription with Pluto LMS @ $189.00/m.

Let’s have a look at their first year in sales:

  • On average Organisation X charged $400.00 per course
  • They had 50 users attending each course 
  • They had 5 courses
  • And repeated them twice a year 

This resulted in a turnover of $200,000.00

Cost of Pluto LMS: 

  • Setup: $0.00
  • Fees for 12 months: 12 x $189.00 = $2,268.00

Return On Investment:

+ $200,000.00 (revenue)

– $2,268.00 (LMS costs)

= $197,732.00 (ROI) 

Over 12 months, Organisation X gained a return on investment of $197,732.00

Please note this is a very simplified calculation and only considers the cost of the LMS itself. 

If you triple the price of each course, your revenue becomes $600,000.00, but the cost of Pluto remains fixed as we don’t take commission.

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