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What is an "LMS"?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. You can use an LMS to create and manage online courses as well as the users attending those courses.

What is "SaaS"?

SaaS is Software as a Service. SaaS takes the headaches of expensive developers and delayed project timelines away by having a ready to deploy "out-the-box" software allowing you to instantly launch your Learning Management System through our services.

“Pluto have been incredibly responsive and I appreciate this enormously. They are proactive with suggestions to help my business and always meet their deadlines - infact generally beat them.”

Simon G.
Mashauri CEO

Free Setup

Launching your Learning Management System through Pluto is free of charge. We only charge a monthly subscription fee.

Transparent Pricing

Avoid hidden costs with our monthly subscription services. Subscriptions are month-to-month and you can upgrade / downgrade anytime. This means you can start small and upgrade as you grow to save money upfront.

“The Pluto system is a powerful tool that enables our 1200 members' remote access and participation by posting material and responding to activities via Council’s CPD office.”

Pertunia N.

Managed Servers

We provide world-class cloud hosted solutions that scale with your business. Launch a server in your preferred location at no additional fee.

Full Support

We're an extension of your team. Our SaaS solution allows you to lean on our expertise and support for full guidance in order to successfully execute online courses.

No Coding Required

Use our easy to use interface to build courses and upload existing content.

“Pluto is extremely user friendly, flexible and provides a great experience for both students/users as well as course administrators and directors. This is matched with incredible support and communication.”

Daniel M.
Hillsong Pastor

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