K-12 Solution

Connecting Teachers, Parents and Learners through a simple but powerful Learning Management System.


Allow your learners to submit homework online, assess themselves through self-paced learning and automated marking saving your teachers 100s of hours.

Learner Management

Categorize your system by school departments, enroll learners into classrooms, manage grade books as well as site usage.


Keep your parents engaged with your learners' homework, school events and newsletters.

Coding Courses

With a built in coding courses, your learners will have the opportunity to be upskilled without your teachers having to understand code.

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Perfect on All Devices

Whether your learners or teachers are accessing their class material from home, at school or on a park bench, your Learning Management System is adaptive to all screen sizes.

Import Existing Content

Get up and running quickly with easy import options.


We've got popular 3rd Party integrations such as Microsoft and Google.

Your School Branding

Your site will be white labelled as your own.

Hybrid Solutions

We offer self-hosted solutions too.

Take your school online

Data Rich Insights

Reduce your administrative overheads with your own system. You'll be able to monitor all your data in once place and perform bulk actions to seamlessly process all your school data.

Manage Your Database

Keep user information, automate grade book monitoring, record assessments, communicate effectively and improve Teacher-Learner-Parent relationships.

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Offer Gamification

Reward your learners with badges, create healthy competition, keep your learners engaged and make your curriculum fun.

Connect Popular 3rd Party Services

Connect your school's Google or Microsoft account, integrate Turnitin for plagiarism checking and even accept online payments.

Code4Kids Integration

Code4Kids is the easiest way to upskill your teachers and implement a complete coding, robotics, and IT curriculum using real-world tools and content.

Need a custom solution?

We provide tailored solutions for our Clients. We would love to learn more about your goals.