Customer Training

Customer Training

Enhance your customer experience through training

Get a positive ROI

Reduce Overheads

Traditional classroom-based courses are expensive. Save costs by offering affordable online training.

Start Immediately

We provide software as a service which enables you to get started quickly with out-the-box solutions.

Save Time

With online courses, your Clients don't need to spend days away from work.

Client Growth

See the return on investment with increased Client satisfaction.

Pluto LMS on All Devices

Whether your Clients are working from home, in the office or standing in a service queue, your Learning Management System is adaptive to all screen sizes.

Data rich learning

Capture all of your Clients' results in one place. Get overview reports with deep analytics into your learning progress.

Machine learning for all your data

Automate key metrics and models to assess your Clients and track their progress.

Connect to 5000+ applications

Automate your 3rd party application workflows with Zapier or our native API.

You're a click away

Use our powerful AI insight engine

Import Existing Content

Get up and running quickly with easy import options.

Dedicated Server

Your LMS will be in an isolated and secure hosting enviroment.

Your Branding

Your site will be white labelled as your own.

Single Sign On

Connect your existing Microsoft, GSuite or your own employee database.

Flexible access to resources

With a centralized Learning Management System, your Clients can easily access training material.

Connect to external repositories

Connect your LMS to external file repositories like AWS S3 Buckets, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

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