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Public Reviews

The results below are from independent public reviews captured on Capterra on the 26th October 2021

Pluto LMS

Overall Rating: 4.9



Overall Rating: 4.8



Overall Rating: 4.7



Overall Rating: 4.2


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Pricing Comparison

Besides the fact that Pluto LMS is rated 4.9/5 for “Value for money”, unlike competitors above, the Pluto LMS highest pricing plans are publicly available on our website (learn more).

  • LearnUpon requires you to contact them after 500 active users.
  • TalentLMS requires you to contact them after 1000 registered users or 500 active users.
  • Finally, SAP Litmos does not disclose any pricing without you contacting them. However it is estimated at $4/user for Litmos (from Betterbuys). 

While contacting a service provider for a quote does not mean they won’t give you a good deal, by having our pricing public, it’s reassurance that we do not charge larger companies more for the same services. We value transparency and fairness for every client. 

Feature Comparison

All of the industry leading LMS providers provide a vast amount of features which include branding customization, course authoring, assessment, user and course management. 

We’ve merely summarized which features competitors do not have below:

Big Brands Trust Pluto LMS

We Value Support Long After You Sign Up

“We were looking to migrate off [censored] to a more sophisticated, fully-featured Learning Management System (LMS). After an extensive review we short-listed [censored] and PlutoLMS.

Based on a first-impressions preference by our instructors for the Look 'n Feel of [censored], we started an initial trial with [censored]. Sadly, [censored] support service was terrible, and let down what appeared to be a functionally rich product. We lost almost 6 months with no way to escalate technical help.

PlutoLMS support was in contrast simply awesome: fast, robust technical knowledge with a strong outcomes-focus. We were able to migrate from our initial trials to being productive on PlutoLMS in short order. The PlutoLMS team have become a trusted partner in our Learning-Service strategy and we trust and value their guidance as we grow the Learning Resilient Futures area of our business.”

Paul S.
Resilient Futures

Every LMS is the Best LMS, right?

The best LMS is the one that fully fits your specific needs. We’d love to get on a call with you to discuss your organization’s LMS requirements. 

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