November 24, 2020

Your Guide to Tracking Internal Staff Training

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All companies must frequently monitor staff if they want to improve their productivity levels. By evaluating staff performance, one can determine whether or not their performance is lower than what is needed to meet the company’s objectives.It is typically the responsibility of the HR department to regularly monitor the performance of workers. This must monitor, assign, and supervise all the tasks that the employees perform..Do you know how to keep track of employees? If you
Internal Staff Training

November 16, 2020

Onboarding and Training your New Hires

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Fresh hires make an addition to a company’s value; however, the responsibility of the employer is not all disposed of once the hiring is done. To make the best use of the skills and expertise of your newly recruited employees, it is important to help them familiarize themselves with the core values and culture of your organization and their role towards it!Unfortunately, the employee onboarding processes adopted by most of the companies out there still
Internal Staff Training
Learning is the key to every satisfied employee. Educated employees can generate better results for your company. In this article we have six basic steps in developing a successful training program for any organization.Set your program goalsDo a Gap AnalysisChoose the right training softwareOffer Self Managed Learning Define your Training Road MapMeasure your Employee Performance Step 1: Set your program goals Before setting up your program goals, you need to understand your organization’s needs. It is
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Estimated reading time: 3-5minutes “Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.”– Chinese proverb 1) Your location is preventing growth Scenario: Let’s put yourself in your potential Client’s shoes. They receive your email campaign for an excellent course that you are providing. Said course is going to be offered for 2 days in New York. Potential Downfalls: Your Client lives in California, and would have to fly across the country

December 20, 2019

5 Tips for Building Great Online Courses

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1) Know who your target audience is Creating an online course is just like starting a business: You need to figure out WHO loves what you’re doing and find a way to better SERVE them through your online course.Perhaps you already offer offline courses in the classroom environment? Think about who you’re currently offering these courses to. Put yourself in the shoes of the end-user. For example, what skills would they hope to learn during your
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